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Popular bible stories reading plans search bible words by language bible word meanings spirit and life bible study videos bible commentary pdf files about the bible. The louis segond bible or lsg bible was published in 1910 by alliance biblique. Les numeros dans lancien testament renvoient au lexique. This document has been generated from xsl extensible stylesheet language source with. Job 14 20 job 2128 job 2934 job 3539 semaine 2 job 4042, genese 1215 genese 1621 genese 2226 genese 2731 genese 3237 genese 3842 genese 4347 semaine 3 genese 4850, exode exode 49 exode 1015 exode 1621 exode 2227 exode 2832 exode 3338 semaine 4. French bible louis segond offline louis segond for android. Ce site est disponible avec des livres payant et gratuits en ligne. French bible louis segond offline louis segond for. Il les prit, leur fit passer le torrent, et le fit passer. Jul 19, 2018 exode bible louis segond 1910 duration. This document has been generated from xsl extensible stylesheet language source with renderx xep formatter, version 3.

This is the classic french equivalent of the english king james version. This is the king james bible version in french with the name louis segond. Louis segond french bible october 3, 1810 june 18, 1885, was a swiss theologian who translated the bible into french from the original texts in hebrew and greek. French louis segond translation bible study guides. Search and read bible verses using the popular lsg translation. Take notes online, highlight verses and save notes. Christian events in mauritius is a free hub of information to spread the word, such that a maximum of people can attend the various teachings, seminars, worship concerts, prayers, special deliverance, international pastors, etc. Commentaire biblique gratuit free bible commentary. It is the most popular version known to french speakers. Il a traduit lancien testament en 1874 et le nouveau testament en 1879. After studying theology in geneva, strasbourg and bonn, he was pastor of the geneva national church in chenebougeries, then from 1872. Bible interlineaire en ligne jean 1 louis segond 1910 compare a nouveau testament grec sbl.

Read the louis segond 1910 french free online bible study tools. Exode bible louis segond 1910 francais internet archive. Bible en francais louis segond traduction king james version kjv. Edition originale you can understand the bible jeremiah by. Bible en francais louis segond king james version kjv. Louis segond 1910 cestina deutsch italiano nederlands francais. Read the french louis segond online or make your own for your website or pc. Cest une traduction tres repandue dans le milieu protestant.

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